Big Trip – Days 8 to 10

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Friday, we headed over to the Horse Park to walk around Breyerfest. It’s a very busy and interesting event. It is put on by the Breyer Model Horse Company every year in mid-July at the Horse Park. Model horse collectors come from all over the country (and probably some from other parts of the world) to buy, sell and trade model horses and accessories.


We primarily come to see the real horses and to wander around the Horse Park exhibits (included in admission). There are several vendors of horse-related products (both real horses and model horses). We thought these fairly elaborate model horse barns were pretty cool.


We also come specifically to visit our friend Patrick the Miniature Horse. When we were grocery shopping earlier in the week, we picked up a bunch of carrots for him.


All through Breyerfest, there are various horse breed demonstrations in the main arena. Patrick and his owner, Sarah, perform various tricks and jumps during the miniature horse demonstration, dressed up in costume.


Aside from visiting Patrick, we also wandered around the Horse Park to see some of the other things going on there. We wandered through the “big barn” and caught a short demonstration on how they put the harnesses on the big draft horses.


We also visited the exhibit celebrating the 100th birthday of the famous race horse Man O’ War. It was an interesting exhibit.


On Friday evening, we went to the big horse show that Breyerfest puts on. It was fun. There were many different displays of horsemanship.


We also wandered around Breyerfest and the Horse Park for part of the day on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to downtown Lexington to meet our niece, Jasmine, at Carson’s Food & Drink for dinner and a birthday gift handoff. The food was pretty good (a bit over-flavored) and the atmosphere was pretty neat with various paintings on the interior brick walls.


On Sunday, we headed down to Nicholasville to attend church with Malcolm’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry. After church, we had lunch and visited with them at their home for a while. Malcolm was having allergy and sinus headaches all day, so we ended up heading back to the trailer mid-afternoon so he could treat those symptoms and relax.

As we expected when we got back to the trailer Sunday afternoon, the campground had nearly cleared out from being full all weekend.


As this post is being written, it is Monday morning and we’re in the process of packing up the trailer to move. We’ll catch you up again in a day or two once we get settled in.



Big Trip West – Days 5 through 7

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Tuesday, Malcolm worked all day again and Val worked part of the day sewing handbags. The Schaffs dropped by after they were done sightseeing to check if we wanted to head out to dinner again and we said yes. We took some time on Tuesday morning to run to the grocery store and to stock up on liquor for ourselves and others out west.


Shopping Complete

We took the Schaffs down to Joe Bologna’s for some pizza and breadsticks. We all enjoyed the food very much. On the way back home, we drove up to Georgetown to check Tractor Supply for the canned cat food our cat likes that neither Kroger nor WalMart had on the shelf. Back at the campground, we visited for a while at the Shaff’s trailer since they were leaving Wednesday morning.

Wednesday was more of the same – Malcolm worked all day and Val worked on sewing projects. After dinner at the trailer, we decided to get out and went to Bruster’s for ice cream treats. Once back from ice cream, Malcolm used his wash and wax kit to clean the truck and make it shiny.



Today Malcolm worked, but we went out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we wandered through Goodwill, then stopped by Kroger for milk and juice and to put our fuel points up high enough to get 10 cents a gallon off of fuel. We took advantage of that savings and filled up the truck.

This afternoon, Val did laundry at the campground laundromat (to conserve gray water in the trailer since we don’t have hookups). Afterwards, she walked over to the office to ask about shuttle service to the park the next couple days. While there to pick Val up, Malcolm found a bottle opener to hang on the refrigerator.


New bottle opener

Malcolm worked the rest of the afternoon, then fired up the grill for dinner. Burgers and dogs were the meal of the day. We sat around outside and enjoyed the warm, but pleasant weather for a while until the mosquitoes found us.

Tomorrow, we’re heading over to the Horse Park to attend Breyerfest (click link to find out more, or wait for a day or two and check the blog again).

Big Trip West – Days 3 and 4

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Sunday, we rolled out of Chattanooga around 8:30 in the morning and headed on up I-75. It was a little foggy for the first part of our trip, but nothing bad. Traffic was busy as usual on a summer Sunday on I-75. We hit a bit of construction traffic here and there, but nothing too bad. We stopped for lunch at the Kentucky Welcome Center, which was fairly crowded. We did find a nice spot off the side of the truck and RV area with a bit of shade.


Shady Lunch Spot

We rolled into the Kentucky Horse Park campground around 3:00 and got checked in. As we were finishing backing into our site, which sits on a corner, another Heartland RV pulled around the corner to turn into the other side of the campground. They tooted their horn as they went by. We didn’t see who it was, but noticed that they had an owners club plate on the back of their rig.


Our corner site with the big yard (just lacks shade)

After we got set up and ate dinner, we went for a walk to see who the mystery folks were. It was Glen and Fran Schaff from New Jersey. They had just finished their dinner and came out to sit and chat with us for a couple hours. It was fun catching up with them. They had plans to visit the Horse Park on Monday and Old Friends on Tuesday. We agreed to take them out to dinner Monday evening and show them around a bit.

Today, Malcolm worked all day and Val worked on some sewing projects. We called the Schaffs to see if dinner was still on and they said they’d walk over since we offered to drive. We took them to Ramsey’s for some good Kentucky cooking. Ramsey’s makes about the best Hot Brown we’ve had in the area and Glen tried one. We also had the server bring out an Ale 8 soft drink for the Schaffs to try. Might as well get all the Kentucky in.


Ale 8 and a Hot Brown – Winning Combination

After dinner, the Schaffs sat around outside our rig and chatted with us until it got dark and late. They’ll be doing the tourist stuff again tomorrow and Malcolm will be working, but we promised to catch up later in the day to see what was going on.


Dinner at Ramsey’s

Big Trip West – Day 2

Current Location: Holiday Travel Park, Rossville, Georgia

We hooked up this morning and hit the road a little after 8:00 AM. We drove on up I-75 and decided to stay on I-75 north through Atlanta. Traffic was a bit heavy, but not unbearable. We made it through just fine.

We stopped for lunch at a truck stop near Dalton, Georgia. We backed into a site along the back and ate lunch in the truck, watching the trucks drive by to go to the fuel pumps. When we were done eating, we noticed a couple trucks in front of us and not really moving. We had debated filling up our truck there after lunch.

Malcolm ran back to the trailer to throw away our trash and use the restroom before closing up the trailer. The truck that had been stopped in front of us for a while looked like it was going to back into another space on down from us. Malcolm could see a lot of smoke rising from the area of the fuel pumps, but figured it was an older truck spewing a lot of exhaust.

It turned out that a truck in line for fuel had caught fire. A fire truck was already there hosing it down, but we decided to turn out the way we came in and get fuel elsewhere. Various other fire vehicles were arriving as we were leaving and they were blocking the entrance for any more trucks to come in. Lots of excitement. We just got back on the interstate and stopped for fuel on up the road.


Site 117 at Holiday Travel Park

We arrived here about 3:00 this afternoon and got all set up. Though the actual campground is in Rossville, Georgia, we are in the general Chattanooga, Tennessee area (literally 1/2 mile south of the Georgia/Tennessee border).

While the air conditioners were doing their thing cooling down the trailer, we drove across the interstate to Camping World and picked up a few things we needed. We bought a pair of LED lamps to replace the ones in the dining room fixture and found out they were too dim, different sizes and even different colors though they were both packaged as the same bulb. Malcolm drove back over and returned them. We’ll order the correct bulb(s) off Amazon later.

We ate dinner in the trailer and generally just relaxed. Tomorrow we head on up to Lexington, Kentucky to stay at the Kentucky Horse Park for eight days.



Big Trip West – Day 1

Current Location: Tifton KOA, Tifton, Georgia

Today was the official start of our big trip out west for the year. We’re heading out to Washington state by way of some stops in Kentucky. Our first stop will be in Lexington, Kentucky. Looking at the route from Orlando to Lexington, we felt three days would be best for the trip. As such, 1/3rd of the way there is approximately Tifton, Georgia.


Our empty site in Florida. The car remained there, under its new cover.

We left this morning around 8:00 AM and headed up the Florida Turnpike and picked up I-75 south of Ocala. It was a busy but uneventful drive up I-75.


On the Road

We stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center on I-75 for lunch. As we pulled in to the truck and RV section, Malcolm spied this shady spot on the end.


Shady Lunch Spot

After lunch, we headed on up the road for about another hour to Tifton, Georgia. We checked into the Tifton KOA, set up the trailer and cranked on both air conditioners (temperature was around 96 degrees outside).


Tifton KOA – Site 44

Malcolm worked for a while after we got set up and while the trailer was cooling down. When we checked in, the lady at the desk mentioned that their walking trail wound around pastures with horses and cows. Of course, Malcolm’s ears perked up at the mention of animals, so he wandered out later in the afternoon for a short visit.


A Couple of Malcolm’s new friends

We decided to try out the pizza place for dinner that was recommended by the front desk staff. The food was delicious. We also filled up the truck with fuel while we were out. Back at the trailer, Val loaded up the washer with a load of laundry. When we get to Lexington, we won’t have a sewer hookup (Kentucky Horse Park) for eight days, so we’re getting our heavy water usage in before we get there.