The First Weekend

We purchased our new Big Country 3690SL from Dixie RV in DeFuniak Springs, Florida on September 7, 2012. Dixie prepped the unit pretty well and put it out on their lot for us to stay in overnight. We found very few little items for them to address and one big item – the main awning had a couple of small holes in it. They’re contacting the factory to get a whole new awning shipped in. I was going to be content with a patch, but they said “Let’s do it right”.

On Saturday, September 8th, after having Dixie’s techs address a couple small issues, we hitched up and headed east on I-10 for our maiden voyage. We stopped at the intersection with US 231 at a truck stop to grab some McDonalds. From there, we headed on north. We pulled into Camping World in Dothan, Alabama, to pick up a few things that Dixie didn’t carry and that we couldn’t find at WalMart.

Then, on to Deer Run RV Park in Troy, Alabama, which is only about an hour from home. We could have gone on to the house, but I wanted to camp overnight on the way just to get used to setting up the trailer. I think we did rather well. The campground wasn’t bad and we met at least one couple out walking that evening.

On Sunday morning, I cooked a breakfast of bacon and eggs in the kitchen. I should have turned on the ceiling vent fan, but failed to remember that. At least we found out the smoke detector works fine, though. We had to air out the trailer once we got home to get all the bacon smell out of it.

After breakfast and a leisurely hitch up, we headed on up the road to our house and, after trying various means of getting the trailer into the driveway, we ended up backing across the yard and driveway of our neighbor across the street into our driveway. We spent the rest of Sunday cleaning it up and airing it out.


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