Still Here

Val and I have settled down into trailer living pretty well. We’ve been bringing out things from the house here and there and slowly making it a home. I think we’ve spent two nights at the house since we brought the trailer out here to Fort Toulouse.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to talk to someone here about parking the trailer here on a longer term basis. From all indications, that shouldn’t be a problem. If all goes well, we will be moving to another spot on Friday, dumping the black/gray tanks on the way around the park.

Saturday, we’ll be flying out west to visit with our daughter, son-in-law and two grand-daughters (one of which was born last Thursday). We’ll be there a couple weeks and the trailer will be here partially set up. There are a few others that live here on a more full-time basis, so we know the trailer will be under watchful eyes while we are away.

Already missing our friends, Michael and Kelly Barnett. Can’t wait to see them again, as well as others, at a future rally. We sure do look forward to traveling more with the trailer instead of staying in hotels or, worse yet, our tent. 

Made one repair to the trailer the other night. The bedroom door wouldn’t latch as the striker hit the plate too low. I removed all the hinge screws from the door frame and raised the door about 1/4 inch, then screwed it all back together. Works like a champ now.

After we get back from our trip out west, I’m going to plan on taking the trailer up to Camping World and having a few warranty issues taken care of. Also going to invest in a black/gray water tote to carry the stuff over to the dump.



One thought on “Still Here

  1. So glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed ours with you! Seems as though we really hit it off and have a lot in common. Hoping you are able to make it to the Kerrville rally!

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