Early Move

All things considered, we decided to go ahead and move to our more permanent spot this evening. Val is going to be away tomorrow evening and at lunch on Friday, our other two options for moving times. In addition, we’ve gained a few new neighbors on the side of the park where you must be when staying longer term. Given all that, we figured this evening after dinner would be the best time to move.

We got everything cleaned up and packed for short-haul movement. Unplugged, unhooked, cleaned off the tops of the slides (really want those slide toppers even more), pulled everything in, hooked up to the truck and I went to head to the dump to empty the tanks. Val warned me (as well as our neighbor) that I had left the antenna up. We’ll need to make sure we have a good checklist when we hit the road. I stopped and lowered that and went on to dump.

Tanks empty, it was a quick trip around the parking areas to turn around and head back in to the campground. We pulled into a spot on the inside of the loop near the center – spot #11. Our next-door neighbor, Nathan, was one of the first to greet us as we were moving in, so we are happy he will have a nice clear view of our coach, especially while we are away. We also met one of the camp hosts, Theresa, who came over to see all the excitement of moving in. We gave both of them a tour of the inside after we were leveled and hooked up.

Glad to be in our more permanent spot now. We’ll miss the river view a bit, but not the boats running up and down the river at dawn.



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