Well, this week was moving along fine until Val broke her foot in the trailer on Thursday. She stumbled over the vacuum hose on the steps to the front of the trailer and hit her foot just right, rolling onto the floor. I came “home” to the trailer at lunch and ended up  spending the afternoon with her at the local PriMed. They x-rayed and bandaged up her foot as well as made us an appointment for Friday morning at the orthopedic doctor.

Friday morning we were off to the orthopedic, all the way across town, naturally. After checking in and waiting for a while, they looked it over and put a full cast on her leg. Now she hobbles around on crutches. Since I’m flying out of town on business tomorrow (Sunday), we decided to move Val back to the house for the week. Our son is living at home and can assist her and drive her around as needed.

In other news, our sewer tote arrived Friday via UPS. Was sitting on the front porch of the house when we got home from all the doctorin’. Tried it out this evening at the campground, since we don’t have sewer hookups there. Looks like I’ll need a couple of accessories to more effectively dump it into the sewer drain. I had to manually hold the end of my hose over the dump while it drained, making it almost impossible to tilt the unit up to empty the last couple of gallons out.

Additionally, my cleanout hose popped off the unit as I towed it around the campground, so it still has some icky stuff inside since I didn’t get to rinse it out. I put everything back on it tight and tossed it in the bed of the truck. Hopefully doesn’t stink while I’m gone for the next week.


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