More Stuffs

No pictures today because I’m lazy. Let’s start with yesterday. UPS dropped off our two Max Air vent covers at the house. I brought them out to the trailer and installed one over the bathroom vent after dinner and into the darkness of evening. Fortunately, got done just as it was really getting too dark to see exactly what I was doing and just as the mosquitoes found me on top of the trailer.

This evening, I decided to install the other vent cover over our kitchen vent, which is a Fantastic Fan. Unfortunately, the cover on the FF opens too high to put a Max Air vent cover over it. Plus, the mounting method of the vent cover wouldn’t work with the FF anyway. So, now we have an extra vent cover. We’re going to stop by Camping World in a few weekends, anyway, so maybe I can take it back and swap for other items. Otherwise, I might be able to sell it to someone at the campground.

The other day, I brought home the DLink D-505 wireless router/hotspot/etc. device and got it set up. I had it using my phone’s internet as its source. Today, Val and I stopped by the AT&T store and got an Elevate 4G hotspot device. That frees up our phones from tethering duty in the trailer and costs less per month than the extra phone we had on our family plan. It taps from the same pool of data that all our phones share.

Getting the D-505 to connect to the Elevate device was an exercise in frustration until I discovered that just setting the DLink up as a repeater instead of a hot-spot allowed it to work just fine. So now we’re using the DLink to connect all our devices and it, in turn, connects to the AT&T device (which has a five device limit).


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