Ikea Run

Today we made a day trip to Atlanta to drop in to Ikea. The main purpose was to buy a few smaller items we needed for the trailer and to look at loveseats/sleepers. We don’t really like the sleeper sofa that came from the factory, but were willing to live with it if we didn’t find anything better to fit in the 68″ wide slide.

We ended up coming home with a sleeper/loveseat. Nathan (one of the camp hosts), Tom (the groundskeeper/security/etc. person) and one of the other campers came over to help carry the old sleeper out and drag the new one in. We gave the old sleeper to Nathan, as he was looking for one that was a little nicer than the one in his trailer. I’m sure we’ll be repaid in some way or another, though we didn’t want any money for it, necessarily.

Here is the new sleeper in various phases of construction:

The old sleeper fit so tightly in the slide that we never realized there was a wall outlet on the left side.

And the finished result. The new sleeper has a 3/4 size sleeping area. The overall unit is about 9″ narrower than the slide, so we can get to the outlet now, and possibly put a small table next to it. We did have to run to Lowes to find slightly taller legs for it, so that the slideout part wouldn’t hang on the back of the frame. That’s why you can see a bit of a gap between the footboard and the seat cushion.

Next, we tackled an issue we had with how to handle dirty laundry and where to put our networked printer. Here’s what we came up with, again from Ikea:

We found these nice adjustable plate stacking thingies at Ikea, as well:

We finished up the door/drawer handle project with this imaginative use of a long pull serving as a towel rack. This is a single door that was meant to look like six small sliding drawers.

And of course, Christmas decorations:

Phew. Think that covers it for now.


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