Last Big Upgrade

For now, at least. Today the Maytag convection/microwave arrived from Home Depot. They didn’t offer an option to pick it up at the store and we didn’t figure they would deliver it to a campground (though they might have), so we had them deliver it to the house. Imagine the delivery person’s surprise when Malcolm directed them over to the pickup truck and told them to put it in the back.

Val took in-progress pictures while Malcolm was working. Removing the built-in unit was pretty straightforward. Here it sits in the middle of the floor while Malcolm prepares all the various mounting brackets, etc.

Here’s the lower mounting bracket mounted above the window. The new unit is about 1 1/2 inches taller than the old one, so the blinds over the window had to come out.

And here it is mounted up. Just some cleanup remains.

And, after clean-up, replacing the overhead cabinet door and putting all the utensils and such back on the countertop.

The unit that we removed will be installed at our house, as we were needing a new microwave there and had started replacing all the white appliances with black ones. Since the one from the trailer is black, that works out perfectly.


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