Still Here

Well, I suppose the astute reader may well wonder after the last several posts why this blog is named “Traveling Talleys” when there has been no recent mention of traveling. Good observation. The answer is that we haven’t been able to travel this fall. That hasn’t stopped us from living in our home on wheels, however. The last night we spent in our house was way back in October.

Living in our trailer full time for a couple of months has allowed us to outfit it, and pack it such that it would be ready to travel on a steady basis. It has also allowed us to try out all the functional items in the trailer to make sure they are working as designed. Our list of things for the dealer to fix is relatively short and hasn’t really changed at all in the last month or two (i.e. we haven’t found any new bugs).

Our original plan was to travel full-time and work on the road as needed to support ourselves. That plan was altered slightly when Malcolm put in his notice at work to let them know he was leaving. The short story is that Malcolm’s employer has retained him to work part-time for an appropriately reduced salary that is more than sufficient to support our travels. Essentially, he will have a job where he has 26 weeks of vacation a year. Can’t beat that.

Our first excursion will commence on January 12, 2013 which will carry us up to Arkansas to get the truck transmission rebuilt. From there, we’re heading south to Florida to visit friends in the Tampa area then treat ourselves to a week-long stay at Disney World with all the trappings, then back to Wetumpka so Malcolm can work for a bit before our next, as of yet unplanned trip.


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