Last Full Day in Washington

Well, it is our last full day visiting our daughter and her family here in the Seattle area. We’re both recovering from colds we caught from our granddaughters while we were here. Val got hers first, so she’s further along in the recovery process than Malcolm.

Val has been busy today getting things ready to go. We packed up a good sized box with Christmas gifts and other items too bulky to put in our luggage and dropped it off at the post office so it can start its trip right away.

We had one more lunch with the girls at Trackside Pizza in downtown Puyallup. That is one of Violet’s favorites as it is right beside the railroad tracks running through the center of town. The tracks are busy with both freight and commuter trains, so we usually get to see at least two trains pass while we are eating.

Per my daughter’s reminder, there are no pictures of Malcolm in any recent posts, so the following family portraits serve to straighten out that oversight. From left to right – our son David, Val holding Violet, Malcolm, our daughter Elizabeth holding Scarlet and Elizabeth’s husband, Cole.




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