Settling Back In and Another Mod

We’re in the process of settling back into the trailer after having been in Washington state for the past couple of weeks. Malcolm emptied the gray and black water tanks on the trailer after we got out to the campground. He had planned on doing it before we left, but it was pouring rain the last couple of days before Christmas week.

While we were away, we read an article in the local Wetumpka newspaper that all the campers here at the campground had to take cover in the bathhouse due to a suspected tornado in the area on Christmas day. We found out when we got back that apparently there was a funnel cloud and the campground was roughly in the direct path, but it was up high enough that there was only some scattered small limbs and debris blown around. No damage to any property.

Val is currently puttering around the trailer and taking down and stacking up Christmas decorations and clothing to store either at the house or in the basement of the trailer. Malcolm is supervising and typing his blog entry for today.

On to the mod. One of the things about how our trailer is “plumbed” from the furnace is that the bathroom seems to get the lion’s share of the heat. While this is great on cold mornings when it is shower time, it seems a bit inefficient. The floor registers in the trailer have no means for adjusting airflow at all.

We decided to get a replacement floor register for the bathroom that roughly matched the colors used in the trailer, but with and adjustable flap system. We saw some really nice ones in a nickel finish (which goes well with all the plumbing fixtures, cabinet and door hardware we replaced) and decided to replace all five registers in the trailer.

Here is the bathroom one before and after:

Original register in the bathroom.

Original register in the bathroom.

New register in the bathroom.

New register in the bathroom.

Here is one from the living room to show how they look in the carpeted areas.

Old register in the living room.

Old register in the living room.

New register in the living room.

New register in the living room.

Another advantage to the new registers is that they have a black box with the diverters that drops down into the floor vent. This helps to hide the under floor plumbing. If you look in each “before” picture, you can see the round heater hose feed under the original vents.

Well, Malcolm is still getting over his cold and hardly slept at all last night after not sleeping well for a few nights before, so he is off to take some NyQuil and try to catch up on some rest.

Only 6 days until we leave on our first trip!


7 thoughts on “Settling Back In and Another Mod

      • Yes. Just the one in our bathroom. That one is literally just a couple feet away from the furnace. Needless to say, our bathroom is always toasty when the furnace is running. We ended up replacing that one with an all metal unit with metal louvers (advertised as a mobile home part on the packaging).

      • I better check what I bought yesterday. My bedroom is the one that gets hot. If the parts are plastic I may just cut them out with my Dremel tool.

      • I debated on that for our bathroom one, but removing the plastic parts meant there was nothing left to keep the register centered over the opening. After finding our bathroom one all warped, I just checked our other ones a few times until I was satisfied they were OK. Might do that with yours before cutting anything off.

      • I wonder if because all the vanes and closing devise are restricting air flow the hot air just got trapped and that is what made the things melt. I have not opened mine so I do not know if the top is metal or plastic?

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