Early Prep for First Trip

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, AL

Today after we got home from church, we did some early preparations for travel at the end of the week. First up on the agenda was to clean the top of the slides off. Malcolm grabbed his extendable wash brush and ladder and pushed leaves and debris off the slide tops. Once done, we started retracting the slides to check for hidden ladybugs and we hit paydirt. Between all four slides we probably vacuumed up about 100 – 150 ladybugs all snuggled up in the rubber gaskets on the walls.

We dug out most of the containers in the basement and Val packed away Christmas items and organized the totes. Malcolm emptied the sweeper bag full of ladybugs and put in a new bag. Malcolm also organized the front compartment where all the tools and extension cords reside and pulled out a couple of tools (circular saw and chain saw) that needed to go back to the house. We also put some other things in the truck to go to the house, as well.

Malcolm also got the air compressor and air gauge out and inflated the trailer tires to about 72 PSI (most of them were at around 60 PSI) to get it better prepared for rolling with a full load of gear. We both just generally organized, ran stuff to the house and brought back a few things (our box of extra stuff we shipped from Washington state arrived on Saturday). The trailer seems so much better organized now.

Tomorrow, we’re running to Costco to get a couple of recliners to replace the ones that came with the trailer. We finally found something we liked and that won’t crowd the slide like overstuffed recliners tend to do.

One other issue we had was with the heat registers we bought yesterday. It seems the air is really hot at the bathroom outlet (proximity to the furnace). The registers we bought had plastic vent adjusters and box that extends down into the duct. The air was so hot at the register in the bathroom, it melted the plastic underside (see pic). We bought a straight, in expensive brown metal register with metal doors (marked as a Mobile Home register) at Home Depot and called it a day.

That’s about it for today.

Melted Vent from Bathroom

Melted Vent from Bathroom


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