Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, AL

Like many RV’ers, we’ve wanted to replace the leather swivel rocker/recliners in our trailer with something different, preferably something that is around the same size and with fabric upholstery instead of leather (or a simulation thereof).

While we were out shopping at Costco this past weekend, we ran across some pretty nice power recliners that were very reasonably priced and very comfortable. An extra bonus was that they were wall-away recliners, meaning that to fully recline, you only needed about 3 inches of additional space behind the chairs. However, they were big overstuffed chairs that, side by side, would barely fit in our larger slide. So those were out.

We walked around the corner and found another recliner that we liked a lot. It isn’t a typical recliner, but looks more like a fixed chair with curved wood arms. Extra bonus – it was 29″ wide, the same as our existing recliners. They needed more room behind to recline, but no more than the existing chairs. We decided we should think on it a couple of days. Costco wanted $299 per chair.

Sunday evening, Malcolm decided that we should go ahead and get a pair of chairs. Val’s mission was to find out if our next-door neighbors at the campground would like our old recliners (they did). We met for lunch at Costco. Malcolm got there first and went back to take a picture of the price tag to take up front to pay for them. The wait was worth it. The chairs had a $60 instant rebate on them, making them only $239 per chair.

We paid for two chairs and Malcolm helped the Costco employee load them in the back of the truck. Val drove the truck on home and Malcolm went back to work in Val’s car. Various campground neighbors helped Val remove the old recliners and install and assemble the new ones. By 3:00, everything was in place. They look really nice in the trailer. They are super comfortable, too. An extra bonus between the chairs and the couch we bought are that all of the furniture is lighter than the items they replaced, which will help a bit on the road.

Here are the new recliners, with Val demonstrating the comfort:

New recliners!

New recliners!



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