Surround Sound Wrap-Up and Ready to Go!

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Well, tomorrow is officially our first day out on the road! We’ll be hitching up and rolling out towards Memphis, though we’ll do an easy day. I’m thinking we may go just as far as Tupelo, MS, or maybe on to Memphis. We’ll see. By leaving a day earlier than planned, we have some slack in the schedule.

We’re going to try out an app called Track My Tour. It has a web interface so you can see where we are and pictures along the way. We may or may not use this long term, depending. May just stick with the blog. Anyway, if you want to follow along, click here.

The surround sound system is complete after a couple more purchases at Radio Shack to complete the wiring. Pictures follow. I pulled all wires where they needed to go, then pushed the shelf unit into the hole. Four screws into the sides hold it into place.

Drilling screw holes and screwing the shelves in.

Drilling screw holes and driving screws in.

The shelves all mounted, wiring pulled through, waiting for all the equipment. The Blu-Ray player is on the top shelf and the speaker switch and Apple TV unit will be on the bottom shelf.

Ready for equipment.

Ready for equipment.

Here is is all done. The wire running down the left side and out of the picture is the audio cable to the powered subwoofer. It is just draped over the cabinet for now since we’re packing up to move.

All done.

All done.

Here is a rather dark closeup of the cubby shelves.

Completed cubby shelves.

Completed cubby shelves.

Well, time to relax and try to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow’s a big day!



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