Can We Just Forget Today?

Current Location: Ozark View RV Park, Omaha, Arkansas

Today was one of those days we’ll look back on and smile. It may be a couple of years, at least, but maybe.

Today started out not too bad. Val and I hit the road in the truck over to Memphis to catch the 8:30 am service at Independent Presbyterian Church. I’m glad we did the early service instead of the later one, as you’ll see. Once back to the campground, we set about unhooking utilities and hooking the trailer to the truck. It was windy, raining and about 40 degrees. Hoses were stiff, and the electrical cord wasn’t much more pliable. By the time we got it hooked up and ready to roll, we were both soaked to the bone, but decided to just dry out on the way.

We went one exit and stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch (it was noon by this point). We were thankful the Sunday noon crowd had not filled up the RV/Bus spots with their cars. We got back on the road in the rain and wind and set sail westward on I-40 towards Little Rock. The first 30 miles or so we were heading straight into the wind, so the truck never got into overdrive. It was also getting less than 7 miles per gallon.

Then we got to an exit that indicated it might be better to get off and follow a state route for a while to avoid construction. Since all the big trucks were exiting, we followed suit. That slowed us down quite a bit. We got to one small town and the GPS said turn right while everyone else was turning left. We went on and got back on the interstate. Shortly we stopped. We crawled for more than an hour to go about 8 miles. Then we were all forced to get off the interstate due to a wreck. We ended up way off in the woods on a curvy two lane road for almost another hour before we could get back on the interstate.

The rest of the interstate cruise wasn’t bad. When we first set out from Cracker Barrel, the GPS said we should get to our campground around 5:15 PM. By the time we got to Little Rock, it was saying closer to 8:00 PM. We actually arrived around 8:30 PM. Fortunately, the campground owner and a friend of his helped us get set up. Since it was late and the campground owner had spent the day at a funeral, he told us just to settle up our bill tomorrow.

Everything was frozen outside the coach. It was 19 degrees when we arrived after having driven through rain all day. We’re currently inside with the fireplace, electric heater and furnace all running full blast to warm everything up.

Tomorrow, Malcolm is driving the truck over to Brian’s Truck Shop to get the transmission rebuilt. Val will be staying at the trailer.


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