Very Wintry Drive

Current Location: Pecan Grove RV Park, Lake Village, Arkansas

We left northern Arkansas early this morning to try to get a jump on the weather. Seeing that east Arkansas and Memphis were calling for wintry mix weather, we decided to try to head due south through Arkansas. Snow flurries picked up as we headed down US 65 towards Little Rock. Snow was falling full steam by the time we got on I-40.

We got off I-40 and headed into a Cracker Barrel for lunch. When we left, it was starting to sleet. As we headed south on US 65 towards Pine Bluff, the roads were getting a bit dicey, but traffic was slowing accordingly. After we got south of Pine Bluff, US 65 traverses miles and miles of farmland, with no towns or other facilities in sight. That’s when we got to a stretch of road with vehicles all over the place, in ditches, crashed into each other and so on. We all stopped and when I started moving, I realized the whole road was just glaze ice.

We finally managed to get moving, but only at about 3 mph. We were both extremely nervous and, at one point, Malcolm just pulled off onto the shoulder and turned on the flashers. We sat there for about 10 minutes wondering what to do next when we noticed that the road didn’t seem to be as bad as we thought. We pulled back out once all the traffic was clear and slowly made our way down the road. The road gradually just turned to wet after a while and we made it back up to normal speeds (55-60).

We stopped at a WalMart in McGehee, Arkansas and called a campground about 20 miles south. They had spaces and told us to come on. We made it in before dark. Malcolm set up the trailer, leaving it hooked up to the truck and plugged in the electrical cord. We’ll run on water tank and pump again tonight. Tomorrow, so far, promises to be better (i.e. warmer) weather. We are shooting for at least Hattiesburg, MS or as far as the Mobile area.

Here are some pictures taken at different stops along the way, showing ice buildup on the truck and trailer.

Front hub cover on the truck.

Front hub cover on the truck.

Front cap on the trailer.

Front cap on the trailer.

Landing gear on the trailer, directly behind the truck tires.

Landing gear on the trailer, directly behind the truck tires.


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