Better Travel Day

Current Location: Majestic Oaks RV Resort, Biloxi, Mississippi

Today was a much better travel day than days past. We actually slept in a bit before packing up the trailer. We left it hooked to the truck overnight, which made rolling in the morning much less stressful. The temperature was right at 32 degrees and it was just barely misting a bit of rain. The trees and power lines were all covered with a small amount of ice.

We headed down US 65 for a bit and, not having set up the GPS yet, ended up crossing over into Mississippi on US 82. We set the GPS to head us towards Hattiesburg, MS and it led us down US 61. US 61 is straight and level and crosses a lot of farm country in western Mississippi. We had trouble finding a gas station, with diesel, that would be an easy in and out with the trailer.

We finally pulled into a small station in Hollandale, MS, a small farming community. The huge rig sitting in the gas station lot caused quite a stir as everyone wanted to know about it. They had plenty of time to ask, as the pump was very slow. It was a good thing we stopped, as we put almost 34 gallons in (to a 39 gallon tank).

We were able to maintain normal highway speeds pretty much the entire day (62 – 65 mph), with only the occasional town breaking up the drive to slow us down. At another stop in Hattiesburg, MS, we decided to go ahead and top off the tank. We were showing a bit of improvement in fuel mileage at almost exactly 10 mpg.

In Hattiesburg, we decided we would go as far as Gulfport or Biloxi. Malcolm found an RV resort on his phone and called up. They had a pull-through space available but we would be arriving after the office closed. They left us a packet at the front office that we picked up on the way in. We just need to drop by the office in the morning to pay for our spot.

The pull-through spots are not long enough to leave the truck hitched up, so we unhitched and set the trailer all the way up (water, electric, cable, sewer). The weather tomorrow looks like high winds all the way across the Gulf coast, so we may stay put an extra day. That would delay us reaching the RV dealer for our appointment for repairs. If we stay another day, we’ll call ahead and see if we can arrange repairs on Saturday. Nothing is critical to get fixed. The biggest issue is the water line to the ice maker. Everything else is just small adjustments.

We’ll see what the weather is like tomorrow.


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