Business is Done

Current Location: Pineglen Motorcoach & RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

For now, at least, all our repair business is done and we can move on to actual relaxation. We left Biloxi this morning around 8:00 AM and headed straight on down to Dixie RV in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Here we are at the welcome center on the interstate just inside the Florida panhandle.

Welcome to Florida!

Welcome to Florida!

Blue Angels jet replica at welcome area.

Blue Angels jet replica at welcome area.

Parked next to another big rig.

Parked next to another big rig.

We arrived at Dixie RV about 11:30 am. We checked in with the service manager. Malcolm already had a list, prioritized by what we would like done given the time available to work on it. They had us unhitch and we put our bikes inside the sales office to keep them out of the way. Once everything was settled there, it was back out to the truck.

When we were rolling in, the truck as making a bad squealing noise from the right-front wheel. Malcolm crawled under to check on it and pushed on a couple of pieces of the backing plate behind the brake disc. That made the sound quit. Since we were concerned that there might be some other reason why the brake dust shield might start rubbing on the brake disc, we headed towards Crestview, Florida and the Ford dealer there to see if they could just check on it. They were booked for the day, but the service manager gave us directions to Main St. Automotive.

We stopped in at Main St. Automotive and explained our predicament. The service manager there said it might be a couple hours, but they’d be glad to look it over. We walked around the corner and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. When we walked back around, the truck had been moved. Actually, they had already looked at it and declared everything in fine shape. They also refused to take any money for the service. Gotta love small businesses like that.

We went back to Dixie and sat in their waiting room browsing on our iPads. About 4:00, the service writer came over and told us that they were finished with everything they could work on today. The only two items not covered required parts. One was our awning. They didn’t have any awning material around and they couldn’t find any of the paperwork where they promised us that they would replace it. I think we have something about that at home, so I told them we’d have them check on it another time after I get home to get the paperwork. The other was the bent drawer slide in the kitchen. That’s not a big deal, as the drawer works, just a little sticky.

The icemaker water line had a screw through it (from the factory), which is why it was leaking. They fixed that up and re-routed the line in a better fashion. They also adjusted the gas part of the hot water heater (it was making sputtering noises) as well as re-attaching some sagging cover underneath.

We were rolling by 4:30 pm. We called ahead to Pineglen RV Park and got their answering machine, which indicated there should be spots available and to just pick one. When we got here we were checking out some back-in spots when the owner (?) walked up and told us that she had a perfect pull-through spot where we could stay hitched up. We followed her to the spot which was very level and agreed to stop by the office when she opens it at 9:00 am to pay our bill. We’re not in a hurry tomorrow, anyway, so that works great.

Our first ice cubes!

Our first ice cubes!

Right after I published this post, our icemaker dropped out the first ice cubes!


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