Current Location: Lazydays Campground, Seffler (Tampa), Florida

We made the final leg of our trip to Tampa today, leaving the Casey Jones RV Park about 8:45 this morning. Traffic wasn’t too bad and we made good time with no issues.

Pit stop.

Pit stop.

When we first arrived, we drove over to the Camping World and parked our truck and trailer in their lot. We did a little shopping in Camping World and put the purchases out in the trailer. Then we grabbed our bikes and rode up to the Cracker Barrel about 1/4 mile away.

After lunch at Cracker Barrel, we rode back to the trailer, put the bikes back inside and drove over to the campground to get checked in. We had a back-in spot which would have been more difficult to back into if the spaces near us and across from us had been full.

Our space at Lazydays, site 141.

Our space at Lazydays, site 141.

We got the trailer all set up and relaxed for a bit before we hopped on the bikes and went exploring, including running back over to the Lazydays camp store (next to Camping World) and looked around in there. Val grabbed a t-shirt for the t-shirt quilt we’ll be making from our various travel destinations. Malcolm inquired about having a vent cover installed on-site over our fantastic fan. They said it would be do-able, so we need to drop back by tomorrow (Monday) when all the service writers and techs are in.

After riding back to the trailer and locking up the bikes, we hopped in the truck and headed to Publix to grab some groceries. On the way out, I left a card on Jim Beletti’s trailer (from the Heartland Owners’ Club) to let him know where we were. As we were pulling away, he was driving in, so we did a quick handshake through the windows of our trucks and I told him we’d be back.

On the way back in we stopped for a second and chatted, then drove on around to put the groceries away. We walked back up to where Jim was camped. We met another couple from the Heartland Owners Club – Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck. We sat outside and talked for awhile then decided to all climb into Jim’s truck and headed to dinner.

The Wolbecks and Jim Beletti at dinner.

The Wolbecks and Jim Beletti at dinner.

When we got back, we all sat around in Jim’s trailer and talked for a while until everyone needed to get back to their respective trailers for the evening. Jim and the Wolbecks are pulling out tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting some friends stationed here for the military. They had lived near us in Alabama and attended church with us. It will be good to see them again.


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