Lazy Day

Current Location: Lazydays Campground, Seffler (Tampa), Florida

When we checked into Lazydays, they gave us a stack of breakfast and lunch coupons for their restaurant. You get to eat free if you eat whatever the special is for that day. We rode the shuttle over to the restaurant this morning and found that the breakfast special was scrambled eggs, sausage patty and grits. It was all pretty good food. Drinks are all free. They had juices, sodas, coffee and tea.

Breakfast of the day.

Breakfast of the day.

We stopped by the Lazydays store to see about buying a vent cover to go over our power fan in the kitchen. They didn’t have a cover, but said if we found one next door at Camping World and brought it back over, they could arrange to have it installed for us. The service adviser didn’t sound like he was really interested in putting us on any official list, but wrote our names and space number down and gave us no promises.

When we got back to the trailer after breakfast, we just decided we were going to have a lazy day at the trailer instead of doing any sightseeing. Val sat outside under the awning and did some crochet work. Malcolm continued his cleaning of the outside of the trailer.

Lazydays does not allow washing your rig (using hose, buckets and water, etc.), so Malcolm decided to use a bunch of pre-moistened cleaning cloths and paper towels to wipe down the sides of the trailer (bottom half) to get a lot of the road dirt that was thrown up by the truck when we drove through the winter weather in Arkansas.

It actually looks so much better. While he was at it, Malcolm also took the ladder around the trailer and cleaned all the windows on the outside. It makes looking out so much nicer now.

Malcolm climbed up on the roof to see what it would take to mount the vent cover himself and found that it would not be compatible with the vent fan we have installed, so he loaded it in the truck and took it back to Camping World for a refund. He also stopped back in the Lazydays store and had the service department cancel the appointment for installing the cover.

While in the Lazydays store, Malcolm picked up a pair of reclining outside chairs that they had and we liked. He paid for those, loaded them in the truck and headed back to the trailer. A friend of ours from Tampa had just arrived for lunch and a visit. Malcolm fixed hamburgers and bratwurst on the grill and we ate lunch at the picnic table.

New recliners.

New recliners.

After lunch we sat around and talked until 4:30. We said our goodbyes to that friend and loaded in the truck to head over to some other friends’ house for dinner and a visit there. We got back in around 9:00 pm.

Once back in the trailer, we used Facetime to chat with our son at home and let him show us all the mail and packages that have arrived and instructed him on which ones to keep and which to throw away.

Tomorrow, we plan on meeting our first friend for dinner in Ybor City.


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