Lazy Friday

Current Location: Lazydays Campground, Seffler (Tampa), Florida

It’s our last day at Lazydays, so it was only fitting that it was  pretty much a lazy day. After a leisurely breakfast, we got the laundry together to carry over to the laundromat at the campground. However, we decided first to drive over to Camping World and pick up the fold-up wagon we’ve had our eyes on. It holds our laundry baskets just right.

New folding wagon.

New folding wagon.

Laundry ready to go.

Laundry ready to go.

We got the laundry started, and Val rode her bike over to the Lazydays learning center for a free seminar on using your convection microwave. She picked up a lot of good information there that should help as we use our convection microwave that we installed in the trailer.

Malcolm finished the laundry, took it back to the trailer, stowed the wagon in the back seat of the truck, grabbed his bike and headed over to the campground cafeteria. We took advantage of some of our free lunch tickets to have fish and fries (today’s special).

After lunch, we stopped by the camp store again and picked up some spray for the slide seals and a motion detector light that Malcolm had been looking at and that we’ve seen in action on a couple of motorhomes in the park.

Motion detector light.

Motion detector light.

Light installed.

Light installed.

The light works great. The LED lamp is rather bright. We’ll have to see how that works out when parked near our neighbors. When the awning is out, like it is now, it is no problem. We tried it out on the way out to get ice cream this evening and it worked great. It even turned on as we pulled the truck up in front of the trailer. There is a sensitivity adjustment that we haven’t played with yet, until we get some more experience with it.

Other than those items, we generally just relaxed this afternoon. We did a little pre-trip packing, as well, to speed up the hitch-up routine tomorrow. We’ll leave late morning and head an hour or so east to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground for a week. We already have pre-checked in, so our items should all be ready to go when we pull in. Earliest check-in is 1:00 PM, so we’ll take our time moving there.


One thought on “Lazy Friday

  1. Love Disney’s FW in the Winter, we spent last Jan and Feb at FW and then spent the week after Thanksgiving at FW.
    We have been in Palmetto Fla enjoying the nice weahter for a little over two weeks now, heading North next Wednesday, we will be in Milton Fla for the first few weeks of Feb.

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