Arrived at Fort Wilderness

Current Location: Fort Wilderness Campground, Disney World, Florida

We took our time this morning to slowly get the trailer ready to go. By about 9:45 AM, we had it all closed up, slides brought in and utilities unhooked. We walked over to the Lazydays building to use their wi-fi for a while, wasting time until check-out time of 11:00. We hooked up the truck and pulled out of our spot around 11:00 and drove over to the Camping World parking lot.

We ate lunch in the Lazydays cafeteria using a couple of our lunch tickets. Lunch was meatball sandwiches and potato chips. Not bad for free. Once we got done with lunch, we piled into the truck and headed onto I-4 east to Orlando. Check-in time at Fort Wilderness was 1:00 and we arrived about 12:45. We were directed to the longest of 4 lines of traffic waiting to check into the campground.

Waiting to check in.

Waiting to check in.

We weren’t in any hurry, which was a good thing. The coach in front of us had made last minute changes to their reservation which caused about a 20 minute wait while they sorted things out. Pretty much everyone that arrived after we did got checked through before we pulled up to the booth. They were very apologetic for the delay and even sent someone back to let us know it would be a few more minutes.

We were checked in and given directions to our site, with a super easy to remember site number: 1414. Here we are all set up in the spot:

Site 1414.

Site 1414.

We got everything all set up and relaxed in the trailer until about 3:30 pm. Malcolm made reservations at Trail’s End Restaurant using his phone and the Disney app for 5:05 PM. We hopped on our bikes and checked out some of the nearby attractions, then rode over to the area of the restaurant. Since we were running early, we checked out where the boat dock was (for our boat ride to the Magic Kingdom) and the Trading Post.

We locked up our bikes and walked over to the restaurant about 15 minutes early. They went ahead and seated us. The food was good, buffet style. When Malcolm went outside to find the restrooms, he saw the horse-drawn wagon pull up. After we finished dinner, we paid for a wagon ride ($8 per adult) and rode around the campground for about 45 minutes.

Brady (left) and Ned (right) were our gracious "engines" for the ride.

Brady (left) and Ned (right) were our gracious “engines” for the ride.

After our ride, we hopped on our bikes and rode back to the trailer. While we were on the ride, the driver took us through a back area of the campground that has a really spectacular view across the water towards the parks. There was the tail end of a nice sunset at the time, but my camera phone didn’t do it justice. We might head back over to the same spot with one of my good cameras one afternoon/evening and get some better shots.

Tomorrow, we’ll most likely hit the Magic Kingdom. We have 6-day passes, so plenty of choices.


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