Last Day at Disney World

Current Location: Fort Wilderness Campground, Disney World, Florida

Today was our last full day on Disney property. The morning started off leisurely, as we had 10:00 AM reservations to go horseback riding at the campground. Shortly before we left for that, Val noticed that the bottom of the trash can was wet. Looking under the kitchen sink, we noticed that everything under there was wet and there was about 1/4 inch of standing water on the floor underneath.

We pulled everything out from under the sink and grabbed a flashlight to determine the cause of the minor flooding. Fortunately, the molding around the base of the cabinet under the sink contained the water solely to that area. The leak turned out to be a loose connection on the drain pipe just past the trap. Malcolm hand-tightened that and checked all the other connections under the sink after mopping up the water.

We hung a few things outside to dry and headed to the stables to check in for horseback riding. It turns out that we were the only two people on the ride (other than the two trail leaders), making for a nice, quiet ride through the woods around the campground.

Val on Domino, Malcolm on Achilles

Val on Domino, Malcolm on Achilles

Once back from our horseback ride, we changed a few items of clothing (i.e. boots to walking shoes), grabbed our tourist hats and headed out on the boat to the Magic Kingdom to putter around for a few hours. We caught a couple of attractions we missed before and ate lunch at Casey’s (hot dogs). We also managed to catch the tail end of the parade.

Cinderella waving "Bye" to us.

Cinderella waving “Bye” to us.

On the way out of the Magic Kingdom, we checked on the photos we had taken by park photographers (just a few) and had some printed out for keepsakes. We took one more ride on the monorail on the loop between Magic Kingdom and the three resorts, then jumped on the boat back to the campground.

When we got there, we stopped by the Pioneer Hall takeout counter to check our dining plan balance. To clear it all out except for our dinner this evening, we ordered two pizzas, four dessert items and two soft drinks to take care of lunches and snacks we missed through the week. Once back to the trailer, we put the pizza into baggies (boxes won’t fit in the refrigerator) and tossed them all in the fridge. Then it was back out on the boat for dinner.

On the way to Wilderness Lodge, the sun was setting and it was beautiful. A perfect ending to a perfect week.

Sunset on the boat.

Sunset on the boat.

Dinner was at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge. If we were staying in any of the hotel resorts at Disney instead of our trailer, this would be it. The lobby is so huge, we couldn’t get a picture of the whole thing with our camera phones, but here’s a sample.

Wilderness Lodge lobby.

Wilderness Lodge lobby.

Dinner was excellent and was served family style but fortunately not in huge portions like they did at the Hoop-De-Doo Review dinner. It was a shame how much food was discarded from our table alone at that meal. Whispering Canyon Cafe is an excellent choice if you have children with you. Just don’t ask for ketchup (you’ll have to figure that one out yourself).

Well, tomorrow we start packing up the rig and hook up to pull out around 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. We want to beat the rush of people that leave at checkout time (11:00). We plan on traveling about as far as Tallahassee tomorrow, then on home on Sunday.


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