Homeward Bound

Current Location: Deer Run RV Park, Troy, Alabama

We packed up this morning at Fort Wilderness and left our spot around 9:00 AM, trying to beat the morning exit rush. Even though signs pointed to the “Check Out” area, we couldn’t find it. Malcolm stopped in front of the main building while Val went inside. Turns out for the campground, you don’t need to check out unless you really need printed invoices and such. ,

Once we had that figured out, Val hopped back into the truck and, naturally, we were already on the road before we had set up the GPS. We were sitting at the exit from the campground with nobody behind us, so Malcolm started entering in a destination so we could get out of the area, at least. Of course, just before he got it all entered, traffic started coming up behind, so we chose to turn the direction that looked most promising. Naturally, the other direction probably was more efficient.

The GPS took us all through the back way towards the Florida Turnpike. We traveled through (thankfully four lane) semi-residential roads for about 15 miles, through Winter Garden and finally onto the turnpike. Here is where our SunPass toll tag came in handy, as we rolled right on through towards home.

Our initial destination was going to be the Tallahassee area, as it was approximately halfway home. That would’ve been about 250 miles. But, due to our early start, eating lunch at a rest area and a gained hour due to time zone differences, we were approaching Tallahassee around approximately noon home time. We decided to head on towards Dothan, Alabama. Not finding a decent campground in that area, we just kept on going.

We stopped at a Walmart in Ozark, Alabama to catch a couple of groceries and to grab a snack for Malcolm, as he was getting hungry. Outside of Ozark, we called the Deer Run RV Park in Troy to let them know we were on the way. The GPS put our arrival at about 5:00 PM. They had a spot waiting for us when we got here. This is the same campground we stayed in as our very first campground stop back in September. The folks here are always nice.

It’s an easy hour and a half drive on home tomorrow, so we’ll take our time and arrive with plenty of daylight remaining.


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