End of First Trip

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We got rolling fairly early this morning from Deer Run RV Park and had the trailer all packed up by 8:00 AM or so. We went ahead and rolled on towards home, arriving at our home base park – Fort Toulouse Campground – mid-morning. We checked in at the office and went to pick out a spot.

Our old #11 spot was taken. Our second choice, spot #4, was occupied by one of the long term residents’ vehicles and their other vehicle was gone. So we settled on an outside of the loop site on #16. It is actually kinda nice, as our door and most of our windows actually look out into the forested area surrounding the park instead of the road and other trailers.

After we got set up, we ate lunch in the trailer, then headed to put fuel in the truck and on to the house to pick up all of our accumulated mail. We took a little extra time to update our phones and Val’s iPad using the house internet while we were there. We stopped by the grocery to pick up a few necessities on the way back to the trailer.

Malcolm took a nap during the afternoon as he had developed a headache after lunch. Val made arrangements to meet up with some new Heartland friends she had heard from on the forum as they were in the area. We had a really nice dinner at Ruby Tuesday with John and Rayna. We met them there at 5:30 and ended up closing the place down at 10:00. We all promised to get together when we’re all in the area at the same time again to compare trailer modifications.

Malcolm is off to the office in the morning. Val will ride to the house with him to get her car so she can get some shopping and laundry done tomorrow.


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