Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Shortly after writing yesterday’s blog post and publishing it, Malcolm got up from his chair to go to bed and discovered he had a fever, chills, a little nausea. Val found the thermometer and we found that Malcolm was running a 100 degree fever. A couple of Tylenol, lots of blankets and warm bed clothing were employed to fend off illness.

It didn’t work, as Malcolm has been running a 99-100 degree fever all day today. Other than being tired and achy, no other major symptoms. We figure he’s got a mild case of the flu, given that we all had flu shots this year. Malcolm spent the day in the trailer watching movies while Val volunteered in the Fort Toulouse office today.

Not much else going on. We had Malcolm’s favorite comfort food for dinner – comforting chicken noodle soup, a classic recipe we’ve used for such occasions for years now. Malcolm hopes to feel well enough to work tomorrow, whether at the office or at the trailer, given he no longer gets (paid) sick days.



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