Truck Mod and Back to Work

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Malcolm felt better this morning (we’ve determined it is a good old-fashioned cold, again) and went in to work. On the way, we dropped the truck off at Performance Truck Center to have an electronic gauge thingie installed to keep track of vital operating temperatures (primarily engine exhaust temperatures). This is more for peace of mind, but it never hurts to keep a careful eye on things.

Val did a load of laundry so we’d have pretty much everything clean to pack for our upcoming flight to Seattle. By 4:00, Malcolm was feeling a bit feeble, so Val picked him up at work and we swung by to pick up the truck and head back to the trailer. Our son David stopped by to help us clear out leftovers for dinner. After dinner, we (Val and Malcolm) headed over to Starbucks to grab a warm beverage and do updates on our various iDevices.

Malcolm downed a couple of NyQuil as soon as we got back after coffee (his was decaf) to see if he can get some better sleep tonight. Only one more workday to get through before heading to Seattle for a week.


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