Trip to Birmingham

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today, we got up and went to our home church for morning service. Everyone was glad to see us after not having been there since the first weekend of the year. Val sat in the pews while Malcolm jumped into his choir robe and sang with the choir. It was great seeing everyone again and sharing some of our travel stories with those that were brave enough to ask.

We stayed in Prattville after church and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom (pizza place), then headed up the interstate towards Birmingham. We were on our way to see the performance of the Over the Mountain Music Festival. We both have sung in previous years (2011 and 2012, though Malcolm was sick on the 2012 performance date). Several people from our church were in this year’s performance, so we went to cheer them on.

Since we were running early, we stopped by Camping World in Calera, Alabama and picked up an item we needed for the trailer and walked through a few trailers to get ideas on a closet re-organization we have in mind. After that, it was on to the music performance, which started at 4:00. We headed home afterwards, leaving about 6:00 or so and stopped at the grocery for a couple of quick items on the way into town.

Malcolm heads to work tomorrow and Val is heading out to do grocery shopping and laundry.



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