Routine Days

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Yesterday (Monday), Val caught up with groceries and laundry, picked up mail and packages from our son. Malcolm met both of them for lunch, but otherwise was working all day.

After dinner, we went shopping for a nice folding chair we can use for a third person when they eat a meal with us. For example, our son. Also, we’re planning ahead for next week when we are meeting Val’s sister in the Gatlinburg area for a couple days. She will be staying in the trailer with us, so we’ll get to try out the chair as well as the sleeper sofa.

Today (Tuesday), Val went to visit some friends in Prattville while Malcolm worked. Malcolm stopped by the trailer for lunch and took an empty LP tank to get it filled. After work, he emptied the gray and black tanks before dinner, trying to beat the darkness. He almost succeeded. It took a flashlight to find the remaining sewer hose caps hiding on the back bumper of the trailer.

We did a little pricing and idea gathering at Lowes this evening. We’re thinking of rearranging the closet in the bedroom a little differently. As that plan comes to fruition, you’ll be sure to find the results here. Also, we found some pretty cool stick-on tile stuff that looks like pressed metal, but is actually molded plastic. We’re thinking of doing a backsplash in the kitchen with the stuff. Again, results will be shown here.


5 thoughts on “Routine Days

  1. You could just go with the tin versions which would be heat resistant. What type of folding chair did you get? I’m just curious because as you know we are following in your footsteps on the chair and front closet project.

    Had enough rain yet?

    • This rain can just go away, as far as I’m concerned. Pouring outside as I type this. We’re heading out on a new trip tomorrow, but waiting until the rain subsides before pulling up stakes. Might look at the tin stuff, if they have a nice design. Not a big deal right now. The chair we bought at Target. Not sure of brand, but it was a wood frame with a padded seat.

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