Truck and Trailer Gifts

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today, both the truck and the trailer got little gifts. Malcolm received the custom programmed tuner he ordered for the truck. He had it installed in about an hour. A later test drive verified everything worked well.

The tuner has stock tuning, a 20 HP towing tune, a 60 HP around town tune and an exhaust brake tune for slowing on downhills (the primary reason for the purchase, aside from improved transmission shift points in the towing tune).

The tuner is made by DP Tuner and was purchased through Riffraff Diesel, where Malcolm buys many of the items for the truck that aren’t available at Auto Zone or O’Reilly’s.

Val cleaned the inside of the trailer today in preparation for pulling out this weekend. Other than being in the Gatlinburg area next Wednesday through Saturday, we’re not totally sure of the rest of next week’s plans. We may or may not travel down to Dixie RV in Florida to get our new awning installed (warranty fix), depending on if they receive the awning material from Heartland in time.

The trailer’s gift is a floor lamp we found at WalMart. It’s pretty nice and casts a nice warm glow from the lowest setting on the 3-way bulb. Additional bonus is that the shade is plastic and not glass, so we won’t have to worry about it potentially falling over during travel.

Lamp box.

Lamp box.

Lamp in action.

Lamp in action.


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