Beautiful Day

Current Location: Stone Mountain Park Campground, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Today was the most beautiful day in a long time. It was sunny and clear and got up into the 60’s. We really enjoyed it.

We started out by toting our laundry over to the next camp loop where the bathhouse has laundry facilities. We loaded up a couple of washers and sat outside on a bench with our iPads to make sure the Internet was still intact. While sitting there, Malcolm noticed what looked like some type of growth on a nearby tree. He took this picture of it and declared that it was probably a dead bee/wasp/hornet nest of some type.

Guess they all moved out.

Guess they all moved out.

We had three loads of laundry and only two machines were available at any one time, so the third load went in last. We had friends – Mark and Karen Brown – coming over to visit at noon and it was obvious that the last load was going to still be in the dryer at that time. Since there is hardly anyone in the campground, we decided to let the last load continue drying while we went over to wait for the Browns to arrive.

We gave them a tour of the trailer and headed out to get some lunch. We stopped by and retrieved the last laundry load (towels) on the way out. We ate at a German restaurant in old Stone Mountain. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t outstanding particularly.

After arriving back at the trailer, we sat outside in the great weather and talked with the Browns some more. One reason we invited them over is that Mark had indicated to Malcolm that they were interested in full-time RV’ing at some point in life and were weighing the motorhome vs. trailer thing. It was a really fun visit.

We had dinner in the trailer this evening, finally eating the spaghetti sauce that’s been thawing for a few days now, waiting for us to actually eat in the trailer instead of a restaurant. That’s one area we are planning on addressing – living less like tourists and saving a bit of money eating in more often.

We have sort of purposefully ignored any budgeting activities our first month on the road, but realize we need to buckle down and start watching the money. Malcolm came up with a very reasonable budget that works well with the new, reduced income level and we will start implementing that beginning March 1st.

We will probably share our budgets in some fashion on the blog as we found that others that shared their budgets have really helped us realize what we’ll need on the road and to set our budget up. Not sure how we’ll do that at this point, but we’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are a couple more pictures from the campground to leave you with.

View of Stone Mountain through the trees.

View of Stone Mountain through the trees.

View out our dinner table window this evening.

View out our dinner table window this evening.


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