Current Location: Holiday Trav-L-Park, Rossville, Georgia (Chattanooga area)

We pulled out of Stone Mountain Campground this morning and decided to visit somewhere else before our Wednesday arrival in Pigeon Forge. We both have wanted to do the tourist things around Lookout Mountain for years, but have never gotten around to it, so we decided to camp in the Chattanooga area for a couple nights and do the tourist thing. Here’s our site. We decided to pull through further and park behind the trailer.

Our site at Holiday

Our site at Holiday

After we unhooked the trailer and got everything settled, we ran over to the St. Elmo area and the famous Incline Railway. We rode to the top of the mountain and checked out the gift shop, the old pictures around the building and watched the machinery operating to move the cars up and down the hill. We rode back down after about an hour at the top. (Having problems with the pictures we took, so no pictures).

We drove over to Rock City (it was getting close to 5 PM) to see when they closed. We decided to go to Ruby Falls tomorrow morning (it is forecast to rain in the morning) and then to Rock City in the afternoon (supposed to clear up by then). We then drove down the hill to a nice gift shop we’ve been in before. We bought a new quilt for the bed, something we’ve been shopping for a while now.

We made our way back to the trailer and had leftovers for dinner. We’re spending the evening enjoying some shows on TV (the cable TV here is really clear).


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