Current Location: Pine Mountain RV Park, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Today we spent eating out and shopping. It started by riding down to Gatlinburg in Val’s sister’s Explorer. Sure was nice not having to negotiate downtown Gatlinburg with the dually. Not that there are lots of people in Gatlinburg this time of the year.

We had breakfast at the Log Cabin Pancake restaurant. We sat and watched it snow really good for a few minutes. It wasn’t cold enough for it to stick, though. Was fun to watch.

After breakfast, we walked around town and shopped for a while. We eventually headed back to the car and headed up the road into Pigeon Forge. We did a little shopping up there, then had lunch at Five Guys (hamburger joint). A little more shopping after lunch. Malcolm wanted to stop by one of the western wear places where both of us (Val and Malcolm) bought new western hats. We headed back to the trailer after that to relax.

Malcolm checked and found one of the LP tanks was empty, so he threw it in the truck and headed out to find somewhere to refill the tank. Before he left, he used a couple different apps on his phone to find a place to refill the tank and didn’t find anything nearby. He drove for miles and finally found a place that was already closed for the day (it was 5:30 by then), so he will take the tank over there tomorrow and have it filled.

We had dinner at Huck Finn’s Catfish House. It was decent food. After dinner, it was back to the trailer to relax and watch TV for a while. Val’s sister may leave tomorrow, or might stay until we check out on Saturday – she’s not sure yet.


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