End of Trip 2

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We are back home for three weeks. We packed up this morning and left Pigeon Forge around 8:30 am and headed down the road. We wanted to go ahead and pull the whole trip today instead of stopping anywhere on the way. It was a leisurely trip with no incidents. About 6 hours of driving time.

We arrived and went to pay for our site here at Fort Toulouse and found we had lost our Long Term status. However, that’s not much of a problem. Technically, we can only stay up to two weeks at a time, but since it is the slow season, they went ahead and let us pay for three.

We don’t plan on being in town for more than two weeks at a time for the next several months, so it actually works out fine. As an extra benefit of not being Long Term, we got to choose any site we wanted, instead of being limited to a certain range of sites. We decided to pick the site we first settled in when we brought the trailer in the first time in September of last year – site 32. It is the same site that the picture at the top of the blog came from.

We got all set up and had sandwiches and leftover soup for dinner. After dinner, we ran into town to Starbucks. While we were in Pigeon Forge, we had stopped by a western wear store and each of us bought new cowboy/cowgirl hats. It was then that Malcolm realized that he hadn’t seen his older hat at any time during the trip.

Re-tracing steps, he last remembered wearing it the day before we left town and we figured he must have left it at Starbucks, as we were there last on the Friday evening prior to leaving. Sure enough, this evening as soon as Malcolm asked one of the employees if anyone had found a hat, she went in the back and came out with it.

One thing we bought for the trailer this evening is something we’ve been debating for a while. Malcolm wanted a bedside table that wouldn’t completely block the furnace vent next to his side of the bed. We had looked at a couple at Target a couple weeks ago and decided to think on it. We ended up buying this one at $79.99:

New bedside table in box.

New bedside table in box.

It was easy to assemble. Here’s what it looks like next to the bed.

Bed all set up.

Bed all set up.

It’s off to church tomorrow, then to catch up on our mail and get Val’s car. Malcolm will be working the next three weeks here in Alabama. At the end of the third week, we will be busy with a wedding. Val is doing the coordinating and Malcolm will be doing the photography.


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