Freshening up the Blog

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Like an annoying two-year-old, WordPress has been pestering Malcolm that the theme he was using for the blog had an update and that he should check it out. Trying to get rid of the reminders was akin to asking a snarling dog to just leave. So, he gave in and upgraded the site’s look. It appears to have taken pretty well and the menu system at the top works better than previously (sub-menus).

While he was at it, Malcolm played around with some of the widgets that you can put along the right side of the blog. He added a couple, removed a couple, and changed the settings on a couple more. Of particular note is the widget that tells you how long it is before we’re on the road again. If one were really only interested in our travels, one might use that widget to know when to come back to the blog.

Not much exciting going on today, unless you have a particular fascination with teeth cleaning appointments and general errands. So, we’ll see you tomorrow!



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