Happy Anniversary

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today was another errand/work day. Fortunately, the weather has finally starting acting like Spring. Val got out and rode her bike around the campground this afternoon. Malcolm took advantage of the weather, as well, and took two walks at work without having to wear his jacket.

The campground brought in quite a few weekenders due to the nice weather forecast this weekend. When Malcolm came home after work, there were several new trailers and motorhomes. No time to visit anyone, though, as Malcolm had made reservations at the Springhouse Restaurant on Lake Martin. The food we excellent and the dining experience was very relaxed. It was a great place to celebrate 27 years of marriage.

Tomorrow, we’re heading to the house to do some spring cleaning, mow the yard for the first time and do some other yard work. Our county provides extra trash service one Saturday every other month when you can bring all your yard waste, extra junk and trash up to the garbage truck and they’ll cart it away. We plan on hauling a bunch of empty boxes (from various Amazon shipments) and downed tree limbs from the back yard.

One issue we’re having with the trailer is the tray under the kitchen slide. It is where the wiring loom retracts into when you close the slide. The birds have found it a nice place to start building their nests. We keep having to clean out leaves, twigs and other junk to keep them from nesting under the slide. Val has taken to pulling the slide in sometimes to prevent them from starting a new nest after we’ve cleaned out their previous attempts. We’ll look at methods of preventing future activity tomorrow.

We plan on coming back to the campground before too late tomorrow so we can actually get to visit with other folks. Seems like every time the campground actually gets busy during good weather, we’re either busy doing other things or pulling out to go travel. Maybe we’ll get to actually “camp” tomorrow.


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