Mr. Fixit

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Malcolm got off work a bit early today, at 3:30. He had 40 hours in by then and, since there wasn’t anything critical needing his attention, left the office instead of logging overtime. He stopped by the house earlier in the day to pick up a seat cushion he ordered from The Seat Shop.

While re-upholstering the front seats in the truck a couple months ago, Malcolm noted that the driver’s side seat cushion was not in the best shape. The door side bolster was pretty chewed up underneath from 11 years of drivers getting in and out of the seat. It was more evident over time that the cushion really needed to be replaced, so Malcolm ordered a new cushion on Wednesday and it arrived at the house today.

Once at the trailer, the first order of business was to finish up the “Bird Nest Preventers” that Malcolm had started working on last night. Layers of 3/4″ styrofoam sheet were cut to size and stuck together with the double-sided carpet tape that didn’t work out as a bird deterrent. Duct tape was added once complete to keep the styrofoam from shedding all over the place. Here are the two pieces.

Slide tray bird preventer thingies.

Slide tray bird preventer thingies.

Here is what the area looks like under our slide.

The reason for the tray - a place for the hoses and wires to retract into.

The reason for the tray – a place for the hoses and wires to retract into.

A little closer look at the tray. At the far end of the tray in this picture is where the birds kept wanting to build their nest.

Closeup of under slide tray.

Closeup of under slide tray.

The larger piece goes on the end shown above and fills the space nicely.

Longer slide filler.

Longer slide filler.

And the shorter one was made to fit the space on the other side of the wiring/hose loom.

Shorter piece installed.

Shorter piece installed.

We’ll see how that works over time. We’re going to buy another pool noodle and cut it down to put on the corners of this slide to remind us to remove the bird nest preventers before retracting the slide.

With the bird nest prevention activity complete and the remaining pieces of styrofoam properly disposed of, it was time to tear back into the truck seat to replace the old cushion.

Midway through the procedure.

Midway through the procedure.

Here is what the side of the new cushion (white) looks like next to the old one (yellow). Doesn’t look like a big difference, but the corner of the old cushion was folding under and allowing the entire seat bottom to twist on the frame. It made it rather uncomfortable for Malcolm when driving for long periods of time.

New (top) and old (bottom) seat cushions.

New (top) and old (bottom) seat cushions.

The entire process took a little over an hour, with a break in the middle for dinner.

While Malcolm was working on preventing bird nests and working on the truck seat, Val moved all the food out of our main refrigerator to the outdoor bistro refrigerator so we could defrost the main unit. It had grown quite a bit of frost on the back of the freezer section. After everything was moved and the truck was back together, we went out to buy groceries. We stopped by the house and picked up our 12V cooler to help store cold foods overnight.

This weekend promises to be another really nice weekend. We’re a bit surprised that more people haven’t filled the campground this weekend. Might be related to spring breaks. Not sure. The French Garrison are in the park this weekend for re-enacting. We might go see what they’re up to tomorrow.

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