Closet Mod Completed

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

A short post this evening. Just got back from the wedding rehearsal and we’re tired. Tomorrow’s the big day. Val’s the wedding coordinator and Malcolm is the photographer. Tomorrow will be hectic (and long).

Today at lunch, Malcolm came home to the trailer and sawed down the cubby/shelf for the closet and re-mounted it back in the original spot. Instead of being about 10-12″ deep, it is now 3″ deep (3 1/2″ front to back). The original wood screws that held the shelf in place were reused to put it back into place.

Val stopped by Home Depot and got a 4′ shelf cut into two pieces and picked up four more brackets. After the wedding rehearsal, we put the remaining shelves up, adjusted a couple positions and loaded them up with containers. Here is the final result.

Closet all finished.

Closet all finished.



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