Spring Brreak

Current Location: Harvest Moon RV Park, Adairsville, Georgia

Today’s goal was to drive halfway from Tallahassee, Florida to London, Kentucky, where we are headed. Somewhere around the north part of Atlanta would be halfway. Yesterday, after finding a Passport America park to stay in overnight, Malcolm looked to see if there were any convenient Passport America parks between Atlanta and Chattanooga. He found one – Leisure Time RV Park in Adairsville, Georgia.

We headed out from west of Tallahassee and followed the GPS up US 319 from Tallahassee to Tifton, Georgia. By taking this nice cross-country route, we shaved off probably 120 miles from the trip as opposed to taking I-10 to I-75 and then heading north.

Today was fairly windy, as well, and it showed when we filled up the truck’s tank. Two different stops netted around 8 MPG each. Heading north on I-75, today, we had the wind hitting us from the driver’s side and somewhat to the front.

As luck would have it, we hit Atlanta at rush hour. It wasn’t too bad, but frustrating at times, nonetheless. We made it through unscathed and headed on to Adairsville. You’ll notice that we mentioned finding Leisure Time RV Park via Passport America but that we’re staying at Harvest Moon RV Park. Turns out that they are next door neighbors and we turned one turn too soon. The GPS listed Harvest Moon, but not Leisure Time. So, rather than circling around and heading further down the road, we just checked in here.

After leveling up the trailer and running out the slides, Val started dinner while Malcolm finished hooking up utilities. Power was no problem, but the water hose, filter and flexible hose fitting for the filter each decided to leak in turn. With the temperature barely above freezing and with frustration setting in, Malcolm decided just to fill the water tank about half full and stow all the hoses and filters away for later.

We’ve decided for just overnight stops, especially if we’re not unhooking from the truck, that we’ll just use the water tank and pump instead of wrestling with the water hose. The heated hose we bought is rather stiff, long and cumbersome, especially when the temperature is so cold.

Tomorrow, we should be in London, Kentucky where we’ll stay for a few days to visit Malcolm’s brother and his family through Monday morning.

By the way, the title of this post came from an electronic message sign along I-75 warning about possible traffic due to “Spring Brreak” (with two R’s). Given the unseasonably cold temperatures, we thought the misspelling somewhat appropriate.



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