Easter Sunday

Current Location: Levi Jackson State Park, London, Kentucky

We got up this morning and took our time getting ready for church. We attended the later Easter Sunday service at First United Methodist Church in London, Kentucky. This is the church where Malcolm’s brother and his family attend. We’ve been here several times in the past and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces again.

After church, we had a vote on Italian food and went to Gondolier Italian Restaurant in London. The food was all excellent and plentiful. We have enough leftovers to eat for lunch tomorrow. After lunch, Malcolm’s brother and family headed home as it was grocery day for them. We headed back to the trailer.

Malcolm took a long afternoon nap once back at the trailer and Val did some crocheting. Malcolm’s family came over to visit after their grocery outing and we chatted and watched videos on the TV for a bit before they gave us all hugs and headed back home.

This evening, Malcolm decided to get busy on a project we’ve been planning on doing for a while. We made up some business cards with our blog address, our new email address and even one of those fancy QR codes that takes you to our blog. These will be handy to give out when telling people about how to follow us.

New business cards

New business cards

Since tomorrow’s drive is a short one hour drive, we plan on eating lunch in the trailer, then hooking up to leave around the 1:00 PM checkout time here. Check-in time at the Horse Park Campground is 2:00 PM, so that will work out well. Also, since today is the end of the month, Malcolm is going to put together a post on our budget for the month. We didn’t do very well last month, but see many ways we can improve.



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