Moving, Groceries and Laundry

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Georgetown, Kentucky

Today was moving day. We took our time packing up at Levi Jackson park. Initially, we were planning to hang around until the 1:00 checkout time since we only had a little over an hour drive to the Kentucky Horse Park with its 2:00 check-in. By 11:00, we were all but ready to leave with nothing to do, so we decided to go ahead and hook up and roll up the road. We figured if we couldn’t check in early, we’d park somewhere and wait.

Site 109.

Site 109.

As it turned out, our space was empty when we arrived around 12:30. We checked in and set up, then ate lunch in the trailer. After that we headed out the door to do our grocery shopping and to fill the truck with fuel (the fuel light came on as we were backing into the site).

After getting back from the store and unloading groceries, we unpacked a few things we didn’t get earlier then heated up leftovers from Sunday’s lunch for dinner. Then it was off to the laundry, which is just a short walk through the grass from our trailer (we chose this site specifically for that purpose).

Tomorrow will probably involve some shopping, then a visit to the cemetery where Val’s father is buried followed by dinner with Malcolm’s aunt and uncle.


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