Yarn Shopping Day

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Georgetown, Kentucky

Today we did the whirlwind tour of yarn shops. After breakfast, we headed towards Frankfort, Kentucky and visited The Woolery. Malcolm quickly found the husband area (though not totally designated as such) and browsed on his iPad while Val perused the store.

After the first stop, we headed to Lexington to visit another yarn shop – Magpie Yarn. This is one that Val loves to visit. The owner is really nice and they talked shop for quite a while. Malcolm found a comfortable chair and kept himself occupied.

We headed south through town to Home Depot to see if they had any of the vinyl gel backsplash material we had seen others using in their trailers. They didn’t have any in stock. We went from there across the parking lot to Staples to look for business card holders for our new “business cards”. We also wanted one to keep all the various Good Sam, Passport America and fuel station reward cards together in the glove compartment of the truck.

We headed on down to Nicholasville, Kentucky for one final yarn store visit – A Tangled Yarn. There, Malcolm found the best husband couch, complete with Fred the cat. They both visited the whole time while Val talked with the owner and perused the various things for sale there.

Malcolm and Fred relaxing on the couch.

Malcolm and Fred relaxing on the couch.

After the last yarn shop visit, we headed over to Malcolm’s aunt and uncle’s house for a great dinner. We visited for about three hours and caught up on family happenings and filled them in on our travels. They’re coming over to the Horse Park tomorrow to see the trailer.



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