Slower Day and Oddities

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Georgetown, Kentucky

Today was a little slower day. First, it was time to figure out where to fill our LP tank (had another go empty on us due to heavy overnight furnace use this week – lows below freezing). Malcolm has the AllStays RV’ers app on his phone and iPad. It supposedly shows where to get LP gas, but unfortunately most of the locations shown are dealers that deliver LP to homes with the big tanks.

A call to the only LP place shown on the app garnered some blank replies from the lady that answered as far as where we might find some place to fill our tank, since they don’t. Malcolm politely said “thank you” to the lady, hung up and searched Google. What a treasure trove of information. He found a U-Haul dealer that filled tanks, but it was 10 miles away. Checking the next link (Amerigas), he found a Tractor Supply just a few miles away that filled tanks. We headed up there with the tank and had it filled. It was the lowest price we’ve paid to fill a 30 lb. tank yet – $17.50.

With the tank hooked back up in the trailer, we headed to Lexington and picked up our niece to take her out to lunch at Joe Bologna’s (italian place). After that, we headed back to the park so she could see the trailer and we chatted for a while. We dropped her off later so she could be ready for school. After that, we walked around the bookstore and the mall for a while, then headed back to the trailer for dinner.

On the way back from town, the truck started acting like it didn’t want to shift from 1st to 2nd gear without running the RPMs very high. It would manually shift with the shift lever just fine. Once back at the trailer, Malcolm hooked up his diagnostic software to the truck (excellent purchase) and ran some tests. Nothing conclusive yet, but there is a very supportive bunch of knowledgeable folks on a forum he frequents. We hope to find out something on that soon. Malcolm may also call the shop that rebuilt the transmission for ideas, as well.

The other “oddity” is the water heater on the trailer wants to drip water outside via the blowoff (?) valve. Opening it briefly and letting some water out seems to cure it for a while. Also, Val noted that the water doesn’t seem to be as hot lately. We usually just run it on electric. That one’s a lower priority and fortunately is a warranty item. Will keep an eye on it.


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