Truck Fixed

Current Location: Branson KOA, Branson, Missouri

Malcolm got up early and headed out the door about 6:45 am to take the truck over to Brian’s Truck Shop in Lead Hill, Arkansas to have the transmission fixed. He took his time driving over, stopping to fill up the tank on the way. It was about a 45-50 minute drive.

When Malcolm arrived, Brian and all the employees were already in. They pulled the truck in just after 8:00 am and Malcolm was back on the road on the way back to Branson with a fixed truck before 9:00 am. There was no charge for the repair, which involved replacing the faulty shift solenoid pack. We’re excited to have it running like new again.

Malcolm got back in time to help with laundry, so we spent the rest of the morning at the really nice and clean laundry facility here at the KOA. The various workkampers were running around today cleaning up leaves and dead branches and generally tidying the place up for the spring crowds. If we’re back in the area again, we’ll be sure to stay here again.

After the laundry was done, we ate lunch then decided to drive down into Branson to check out the shopping. Our favorite was Dick’s 5 and 10. It was literally packed with all kinds of things, and not just junk. We had a great time looking around. If you are ever in Branson, definitely check it out.

We didn’t ride the train, but there’s a really nice scenic railroad trip around Branson and the lake area. We were at a Starbucks when the train rolled in across the street. We also walked down by the lake (looks like a river at this point). They have a really nice walking mall and outdoor area along the water.

Lake side walk.

Lake side walk.

Train station

Train station

Train arrived at station

Train arrived at station

We spent a couple hours walking around downtown before heading back to the truck and hitting the road north towards Springfield to eat at Lambert’s Cafe – home of the “throwed rolls”. You’d have to check out their website to fully understand.

Malcolm heading into Lambert's Cafe for some good home cookin'

Malcolm heading into Lambert’s Cafe for some good home cookin’

Once back at the trailer, we took it easy the rest of the evening, preparing things to travel tomorrow. We’ll had back towards home, probably stopping somewhere along the way tomorrow night. From here to home is a good 13 hour drive (or more). No use pushing it.


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