Rainy Cool Day

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We were awakened around 5:30 to 6:00 am this morning by thunder. We knew we were expecting rain later in the day, so the early morning “alarm” was a bit surprising. It ended up just being a gentle rain with a bit of thunder. It was enough, however, to chase off several campers from the campground.

By 8:30 this morning, the campground was nearly empty. Probably earlier than that. We heard our neighbors packing up and pulling out around 6:30 am. I guess the thunder and the children weren’t compatible. Or they wanted to beat some of the rain and get packed up. We know what it’s like to pack up and pull out during a bad rain storm. Not our favorite task, either.

Went to church this morning then to a friend’s mother’s funeral. He had asked us earlier in the week if we would be willing to video the service so he could send a DVD to one of his daughters and his aunt, since neither could attend. Malcolm set up his camera and captured video of the service and some before and after with guests arriving and visiting afterwards. He’s currently writing the blog while the videos import onto his computer so he can process them.

Not much else going on today. We stopped by to visit our son at work and to pick up some keys from him. We dropped by Taco Bell and picked up some dinner for him and got some for ourselves as well.


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