French and Indian Encampment Day 1

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This weekend is the French and Indian Encampment weekend at Fort Toulouse – Fort Jackson park. Though we are not required to, we are volunteering this weekend, mainly helping collect admission fees at the entrance booth. Val worked the booth today.

Malcolm was running errands this morning, gathering materials to install a new stereo system in the truck. This one is a fancy one that, with the proper cables (which Malcolm needs to order), can use an iPhone running a navigation program and display the navigation map on the stereo screen as well as call out turn directions through the speakers.

It can also connect via Bluetooth to a phone and allow hands-free calling through an external microphone. We will also eventually add a backup camera which will appear on the screen automatically when the truck is put into reverse. The whole thing is pretty fancy. If the phone navigation works out well, we can remove the TomTom GPS we have in the truck now.

The Alabama Dutch Oven Society has been here the past few days and their members cooked up a huge dutch oven meal for the re-enacters and volunteers. It was delicious and there was more than enough food.

Tomorrow, we are both working in the entrance booth collecting money. On Monday, we pack up to head down to Gulf Shores.

With the stereo buttoned up, Malcolm headed over to the park to get some pictures of the British forces “attacking” the French fort. Here are some pictures.









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