Pack Up Time

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We’re on the road tomorrow to Gulf Shores, Alabama to meet up with other Heartland trailer owners for a regional rally. The rally actually starts later in the week, but we’ll be there all week. There are a couple other club members already there.

Val and I both worked at the Fort Toulouse entry gate collecting admission fees for folks coming in for the French and Indian Encampment. Later in the afternoon, once we no longer needed to be in the booth, we rode around on our bikes and told some folks goodbye. We’ll see a lot of them again this fall when we’re here for Frontier Days.

We did a lot of our pre-moving pack up this evening after dinner. Val needs to run over to our church for a short time early tomorrow morning, so she’s going to pick up our son, run over there then have him drop her off at the campground so he can take her car back to the house. Meanwhile, Malcolm will finish closing up the trailer, hitch up and take it over to dump the tanks.

Looking forward to rolling tomorrow. This will be our first travel trailer rally. Should be fun.


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