Tidy Up, Tours and Errands

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Today was a rather busy day. We were up and moving before 7:00 am. Malcolm got his coffee in him and was outside working around the trailer bright and early. He did some straightening up of the basement and outdoor bistro, cleaned the grill and dragged the vacuum hose outside to do some cleaning.

While out working around the trailer, one of the other campers from around the corner stopped to ask Malcolm about our trailer as they were looking at a similar model to purchase. We gave him the tour and told him to bring his wife back whenever he wanted and we’d show her around, as well. Later in the morning, they both came back so she could look around, as well. We found out this evening that they went ahead and purchased their own Big Country trailer. Not sure if it was the same model as ours or not (they were considering it).

Malcolm cleaned some of the construction debris that has been in the compartment where the grill slides out from as well as the bistro area. He also pulled the truck up closer to the trailer and cleaned the carpets and seats in it, as well. Val did her own thing, including working on a doll for our grand-daughter.

Several of the rally folks got together and ate lunch as a seafood restaurant overlooking the Gulf. It was pretty good food, but great company. Also, yesterday we mentioned that the guys were going golfing today. That was actually tomorrow (Wednesday). After lunch, we went to run some errands and do some shopping.

We happened to pass a branch of the credit union that had (briefly) financed our trailer when we were coming in to town, so we dropped in there this afternoon and closed out our account (which had the $25 mandatory deposit for a credit union account), so we had some additional cash in our pocket.

After that, we wandered around the Tanger outlets. Malcolm picked up a set of golf shoes at Nike and found a golf shirt and shorts at TJ Maxx. We also wandered around a few other stores there before moving on. After the outlet mall we filled the truck up with diesel then headed up to Foley to the Goodyear tire store. Malcolm talked to them about replacing our trailer tires with better ones. We have an appointment to do that next Monday at 10:00 AM.

On the way back, we stopped by the grocery and picked up a few things then headed back to the campground. Val worked on her doll some more and Malcolm rode his bike around, helping greet some of the folks coming in today for the rally. After dinner, we went down and chatted with some of the other rally attendees before heading back to our respective trailers.

Tomorrow, the guys are going out golfing and the gals are heading out to go shopping. There are plans to eat dinner out tomorrow afternoon, as well. Considering the fact that the rally doesn’t officially start until Thursday, we have quite a few folks here already and are having a great time.


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