Golf, Shopping and LuLu’s

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Today was golf and shopping day. Malcolm headed out with several of the men around 8:30 to the Gulf State Park golf course. Meanwhile, Val and several of the ladies headed up to the Tanger Outlets for a day of shopping.



Even more golfing.

Even more golfing.

We had about eight men golfing. One group managed to just finish 18 holes and Malcolm’s group gave up on the 16th hole due to a thunderstorm moving into the area.

After the golf and shopping, everyone re-grouped for a slightly early dinner at LuLu Buffett’s. We ended up with about 31 Heartland Owners’ Club members at dinner. The food, service and company were all great.



After dinner, with the storms and rain having moved out. we congregated on an empty spot and set up chairs to chat for a while. We headed back to our trailer about 8:00 PM after the mosquitoes started landing on Malcolm.

Malcolm also got both a phone call and an email from one of our credit card companies (Capital One) indicating that they detected possible fraudulent activities. Sure enough, when Malcolm called them back and ran through the list of charges, there were a couple on there that were not ours. They cancelled our cards and will have new ones on the way. Fortunately, before we started traveling, we decided to retain several of our credit cards instead of cancelling them after paying them off. It’s always good to have backups.


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