Rally Day 2

Current Location: Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama

This morning, we headed out in search of a sturdy folding table we can use for various purposes. We found just what we were looking for just outside of the campground at the local WalMart. While we were there, we picked up groceries, as well.

We spent part of the morning out visiting with folks. Some of the men went to play golf today, the rest of us took it easy, walking around and seeing what others were up to.

We had leftover pizza from yesterday’s dinner for lunch today. After that, we relaxed for a while, then decided to go to the Old Time Pottery store and browse. Found a few items of interest and brought them back to the trailer.

Once back, Val started baking her spoonbread for the evening’s pitch-in dinner. The theme was Southern cooking and there was plenty of it. We also brought two homemade “derby” pies. Our new table came in handy for housing many of the desserts.

Here are a couple pictures of our fellow Heartland owners at the pitch-in dinner this evening.

Loading up those plates.

Loading up those plates.

Big crowd.

Big crowd.

Plus, here is a random picture of Malcolm about to be swallowed by the Souvenir City shark.




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